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A Man, a Plan, a Canal, Panama
Subject : A Man, a Plan, a Canal, Panama
Date : Thursday, August 31, 2017 from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM  GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Organizer : "Yurt Radio" <radioyurt@connect.hampshire.edu>
Repeats : Every Thursday. End by Oct 18, 2017. Effective Mar 2, 2017.
Kay and Deryn present all of this: Absurdist, early 2000s hits, low level anxiety provoking, NO HUMOR, Christmas albums, mock interviews, creative use of static, lots of humor, attempted ASMR, storytelling, translation of Ikea manual diagrams into words, distasteful poetry, uncomfortable replications of animal noises, smooth jazz accompanied by whispered tongue twisters, announcements of the apocalypse, "how-to's", reminders that Dick Cheney profited from the Iraq war, a step by step guide on how to teach your pet rat tricks, nuclear missile launch codes, dramatic readings of Sartre and middle school diary entries-- try to guess which one is which, word salad, Saga food reviews, karaoke brought to you by someone who is legitimately tone-deaf, juicy gossip, singing the student Daily Digest emails to the tune of various children's songs, coughing, the Shrek soundtrack, royalty-free sound effects found on youtube, longest Yeah Boy ever, clapping (4 hands!), reciting the alphabet backwards, etc.